Amazing U.S. Tours with over 30 years of experience


Amazing U.S. Tours offers all these services under one roof, to better enhance the customer's experience, with Royal Lines Charters

Happy customers are not only repeated customers, but loyal customers.

Amazing U.S. Tours can make their travel group experience a one stop shop. taking away a lot of the pressure of putting the group itinerary together.

Amzing U.S. Tours provides hotel accommodations.

  • All major ticket attractions.
  • Restaurants
  • Catering
  • Flowers
  • Photography & Film
  • Free consultations with itinerary

We save our customers valuable time and money.

We have thirty years of travel planning experience, and the desire to make every group tour we work with have a successful experience and an enjoyable one!

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This is what our satisfied customers have to say about our service

Thank you from all the ladies, who attended the recent group trip to San Diego! Your itinerary showcased San Diego, and made our week stay absolutely, delightful
-Marsha, Oklahoma City, OK
Many thanks for a superb job, with our large group, regarding transportation and tours. We will recommend you to others afflilate groups, going to San Diego. Many Thanks.
-Rocky, Seattle, WA
You guys certainly know San Diego, like the back of your hand. What professionalism!
-Andrea, Boston, Massachusetts
Rob, you picked the right hotel, the right restaurants, the right tours! Our group president was all smiles! Thanks for everything! You are terrific!
-Jody, Savannah, GA
Five days in San Diego was fabulous. We saw so much, your planning was carefully thought out. Our group attendees all say, 'Thanks for the Memories!'
-Lois, San Antonio, Texas

Riley's Farm

Star Of India Maritime Museum

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