COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

To provide a safe and enjoyable experience while traveling with Royal Lines Charters, we have implemented the following policies and procedures.

Prior to the start of your trip:

Cleaning and Sanitizing the Fleet

  1. In accordance with CDC guidelines Royal Lines Coaches are cleaned and sanitized using an Electrostatic Fogging System prior to departing the yard for trips.
  2. HVAC filters have been installed to remove airborne pathogens and micron particles from the air stream. The filters are sanitized daily and replaced on a regular basis in accordance with manufacturer standards.
  3. After the cleaning / sanitation process is completed by the maintenance crew a seal is placed on the door of vehicle informing all that the vehicle is sanitized. Unnecessary personnel are not allowed to enter the vehicle.

Employee Procedures

  1. Royal Lines Charters has educated their employees on the Coronavirus; how it spreads, prevention, symptoms, and treatment.
  2. Employees have been instructed to not come to work and contact a medical professional f they are ill.
  3. At the start of their shift all Royal Lines’ employees have their temperature checked by a manager and complete a brief health screening survey.
  4. Royal Lines’ employees are required to wear facial mask at all times, to wash/sanitize their hands often and abide by social distancing standards when possible.

Trip Procedures

  1. All passengers need to provide their own personal mask which must cover their nose and mouth.
  2. While boarding and traveling on the vehicle, all passengers are required to wear their masks.
  3. Just prior to boarding RLC’S vehicle all passengers must sanitize their hands. Hand sanitizer will be provided by RLC.
  4. Passengers will be instructed to board the coach from the rear to the front.
    (For those who need to sit in the front of the coach, please inform the driver and he will accommodate).
  5. Disembarking the coaches will be from the front to the rear.
  6. The two seats directly behind the driver are NOT to be occupied.
  7. Royal Lines will provide disinfectant wipes for passengers’ use if requested.
  8. Extra trash bags have been placed throughout the vehicle so that passengers can discard of their trash.
  9. Food and beverage are NOT allowed on the coaches unless preapproved by management.
    (Please request / discuss with your sales manager when reserving your vehicles.)
  10. Personal water bottles are allowed on board, but we ask to keep this to a minimum and only remove your mask while drinking.
  11. Royal Lines Charters encourages social distancing, the final decision will be at the discretion of the group. Please discuss options with your sales manager.

Additional Safety Measures:

Shuttle Service: When shuttling the driver will sanitize the entrance/exit area of the coach, such as, the door, handrails, stairs, etc… between trips prior to boarding next group of passengers for the shuttle.

Non-Shuttling Services: After a group has arrived at their destination and disembarked the coach the driver will sanitize the coach including the entrance door surface area, handrails, overhead handrails, packet storage racks, microphones, passenger seating area, including, seat belts, headrests, armrests and seating controls, seat backs, trays, restroom doorknobs, the restroom and the drivers’ area to ensure a safe and clean return trip.

Thank you for your cooperation in abiding by RLC’s Policies.

Team Royal