Safe travels every mile

At Royal Lines Charters we are committed to protecting your safety and satisfaction in every way. From drivers to mechanics to detailers to operations managers to sales managers to our executive team, all of us at Royal Lines Charters are committed to providing you with safe, reliable, courteous charter bus service while offering budget-friendly fares.

Why travel with us?


  • We are fully insured.
    The entire fleet is licensed, insured and registered as required by the US Department of Transportation. Our fleet is professionally maintained to comply with both State and Federal regulations. In line with Federal regulations, each motor coach carries liability protection for your entire group.
  • SPAB certified.
    SPAB (School Pupil Activity Bus) certification is required for transporting California Elementary and High School students to and from school-related events. These events include things such as field trips and graduation night trips.
  • Annual inspection by the California Highway Patrol.
    Existing law requires the Department of the California Highway Patrol to regulate the safe operation to ensure that our drivers and fleet have the required safety equipment.
  • Random Drug Pool Program.
    All Royal Lines drivers are background checked and drug tested prior to joining our team. We manage random testing pools that meet the DOT Federal Requirements.