Safety & Maintenance

Royal Lines Charters Commitment to Safety and Quality

At Royal Lines Charters, our entire team is committed to providing you with the safest charter bus service possible. Each department has an important role and responsibility in assuring safe travels every mile.

Insurance and Regulations

Royal Lines Charters is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the State of California Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Accordingly, RLC adheres to the aforesaid departments’ regulations and carries all the required insurance to maintain the necessary permits and certifications.

Maintenance Department

RLC’s Master Mechanics each have over 30 years of experience. They are responsible for maintaining the motor coaches by following a stringent preventive maintenance schedule to assure a safe vehicle and minimize road failure. They meticulously keep maintenance records on each vehicle that is inspected and regulated by state and federal authorities on impromptu and annual inspections.

The bus detailers are responsible to assure that each vehicle is not only cleaned but sanitized before departing for each trip. The detailers also assure that the motor coaches are stocked with necessary items.

Operations Department

Royal Lines Operations Managers and Dispatchers are tasked with running RLC’s day-to-day operations, while adhering to our commitment to on-time performance, safety, and quality. RLC’s entire fleet is equipped with cutting-edge safety technology, which includes GPS tracking, electronic driver logs and safety performance technology. Utilizing these technologies assures that the Operations Department provides on-time performance and safe, quality service.

Human Resources Department

Royal Lines HR department screens each driver candidate for required commercial license and clean driving record through the DMV and assures that they are drug tested. Once passing these requirements, drivers are screened for positive work history, excellent customer service and driving experience and knowledge. Once hired the driver completes an extensive training program focused on safety, reliability, and customer service.

Ongoing Safety and Education

Royal Lines contracts an outside drug screening agency to maintain our random drug testing in adherence to Department of Transportation Laws and Regulations.
In our commitment to quality and excellent customer service, RLC requires all employees to attend meetings and classes on safety, new technologies, changing regulations and customer service.

SPAB (Student Pupil Activity Bus)

Royal Lines Charters has one of the largest SPAB Certified fleets and pool of drivers in San Diego. SPAB certification is required when providing transportation for school-related activities for California elementary and high school students K-12 on all field trips. SPAB certified drivers are background checked by the CHP and must complete additional training classes and pass both written and behind the wheel tests for the SPAB certification. To maintain their SPAB certifications, drivers must attend annual SPAB classes and their DMV records are continually monitored. Being a SPAB certified company requires RLC to submit to an annual safety inspection of our vehicles by the California Highway Patrol, in which maintenance records and drivers’ records are also inspected, and which is ultimately beneficial for all charter groups.

Final Vehicle Inspection

Each driver is responsible for performing an inspection on the vehicle prior to departing the base. This is the final assurance that the vehicle that arrives for your group is safe and ready to travel.