School Field Trips


For over 25 years Royal Lines Charters has maintained our Student Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) certification, which is required when transporting students K-12 for any school related field trips and activities. Regulated by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Royal Lines is held to a higher standard and strictly adheres to the SPAB regulations, which includes all vehicles passing CHP annual inspections and drivers attending SPAB safety and training classes annually. Royal Lines retains one of the largest pools of SPAB certified drivers and vehicles in San Diego County as well as years of experience and an outstanding safety record, which makes us the best choice for all your field trip transportation needs. Whether it’s a multi-day college tour throughout California, a field trip to one of Southern California’s world renowned museums, Grad Night, or a one-way transfer to camp or a competition, we will safely get you and the students where you need to go.

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